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Terms & Conditions

Ellie Murphy reserves the rights to change the terms and prices without notice.  These changes will not affect any bookings that have been secured with a deposit.  


The clients should inform Ellie of any issues that may effect the use of equipment and products.  This includes sensitivitiesallergies and medical conditions etc.  Ellie can not be held liable for any reactions or losses that occur due to the clients not informing any of these conditions.  

Ellie reserves the right to refuse makeup application or hair services if any contagious skin, hair or eye infections are present.  


To secure your booking a non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date of your wedding.  The amount may vary depending on how big the bridal party is.  Without this deposit the date cannot be reserved.   The deposit, trial date deposit and any travel fees will be required once confirming you would like to book Ellie.  Once the booking/bookings are confirmed you will receive an updated invoice to say that the deposits have been paid and when the rest of the payments are due.   These fees need to be paid via bank transfer.  

If an extra artist is needed on the day to assist Ellie, there is an additional fee of £100 for the whole morning.


Please note, a travel fee will be assessed and added to the initial payment for the trial, then again for the initial wedding payment.  This will be charged at 50p per mile from a 10 mile radius of the RH12 Postcode. 



Please note that there is only ONE trial included in the package deals.  If you're wanting any additional trial on top of the one included this will be an extra cost.  The trial/wedding day deposits will be paid separately as these will be held on different dates, however will all be included on the invoice together with a full breakdown. 


Once the deposit has been paid and the date is secured, Ellie agrees the service on the date of your wedding.  In the unlikely event Ellie becomes unavailable on the day, Ellie reserves the right to designate another fully qualified artist to carry out the services.  If for some reason another artist isn't available, a 100% refund will be given for your wedding day services.  

If the client cancels the booking, the deposit that has been paid will not be refundable and will be retained.  

This is intended to protect loss of business due to the fact other bookings will have been declined to allow your booking to go ahead. 


Ellie does not offer refunds for completed services.  However, if you are for some reason dissatisfied with any aspect fo the service you received  please contact Ellie directly and she will try her upmost to resolve the problem.  

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